Psychophysiology lab

Our research can be divided into four key themes:

  • identifying the features of an event or stimulus that changes autonomic functioning
  • determining whether the changes in autonomic functions reflect discrete emotions or more general motivational states
  • identifying the different information provided by sympathetic, parasympathetic and cortical psychophysiological responses
  • the use of psychophysiological measures to identify the roles of temperament, beliefs and skill in self-regulation

Current projects

We are working on a number of different research areas including:

  • extraversion and affective reactivity
  • the role of affective empathy and distress in the generation of sympathy
  • changing sensitivities to interpersonal cues and to threat during the course of the menstrual cycle
  • the roles of temperament, beliefs and executive skills in emotion regulation
  • do autonomic changes reflect motivational state or do they reflect the intended behavioural strategies?

Contact us

Room 676
Graham Hills Building
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+44 (0) 141 548 2700