Psychology researchMemory & ageing lab

The Memory & Ageing Lab group is led by Dr Louise Brown Nicholls. The group comprises numerous PhD students, as well as undergraduate and Masters students.

We're interested in cognitive processing across the adult lifespan, especially short-term ("working") memory and attention. We also investigate the implications of health and lifestyle factors on cognitive abilities, including emotion (anxiety), and level of cognitive engagement in everyday life. Additionally, our research considers the role of cognitive ability and broader psychological factors on health outcomes as we age.

Example areas of interest include:

  • the development of visuo-spatial working memory capacity across the adult lifespan
  • the role of task strategy on young and older adults’ working memory capacity
  • young and older adults’ ability to associate ("bind") visuo-spatial information in working memory
  • the impacts of trait anxiety on working memory and attention
  • the impacts of everyday cognitive stimulation on older adults’ cognitive, health, and social outcomes

Our research has been awarded funding by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Chief Scientist Office, and The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. We have an international network of collaborators, and some of our research is multidisciplinary. We regularly engage the public with our research, giving talks in the community and as part of our University’s Engage events.

Research opportunities

Alumni of the Lab have gone on to have a range of successful careers including as academic and clinical psychologists. To enquire about intern and PhD opportunities within the lab, please get in touch with the lab leader, Dr Louise Brown Nicholls.