Perception and action lab

Our research focuses on three themes:

  • age-related perceptual and movement biases
  • stroke rehabilitation
  • understanding how information is used to guide movements 

Our lab is joined up with Stroke Research @ Strathclyde.

Our technology

The lab has a number of research technology systems for use in research projects. These include:

  • an infrared motion capture system which is linked to an eye-tracking system for accurately recording eye movements
  • presentation generators to present stimuli and trigger additional data capture systems
  • bespoke software to evaluate the effects of instruction of action control
  • a purpose built non-immersive virtual reality system
  • software which creates interactive environments that can be linked to a Berklebike bike 

Current projects

Here are just some of the research projects we are currently working on:

  • improving cognitive abilities using exercise and virtual reality
  • stride for stroke
  • the impact of ageing on lateral biases of attention and perception during face processing
  • upper limb motor control in ageing
  • inhibitory control in older adults

Contact us

Room 676
Graham Hills Building
40 George Street
G1 1QE

+44 (0) 141 548 2700