Psycholinguistics lab

We look at psychological processes that motivate language production and comprehension, such as what sources of information influence the way people produce or understand language, and how.

We’re also interested in how people use language in communication. For example, to what extent do people take into account the needs of the person they are talking to? 

Research techniques used

We use a number of different way to research psycholinguistics such as:

  • different experimental paradigms, including a simple pencil-paper questionnaire
  • natural communication tasks
  • eye-tracking technology

Current projects

Research currently being carried out in the lab includes:

  • audience design in typical population
  • referential communication in children with and without autism
  • anaphor processing during reading

Contact us

Room 676
Graham Hills Building
40 George Street
G1 1QE

+44 (0) 141 548 2700