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Mathematics and StatisticsEquality and Diversity

We are committed to achieving and promoting equality of opportunity in learning, teaching, research and working environments, and to ensuring these environments support positive relations between people, and a culture of respect. We value the diversity of our staff and students and are committed to encouraging everyone to realise their full potential. 


Department Equality & Diversity Committee members:

Dr Elizabeth Dombi (Chair)

Professor John Mackenzie (Head of Department)

Dr Penny Davies (Academic Director)

Dr Johnny Love (Undergraduate Chief Selector)

Ann Lynch (Secretary)

Professor Apala Majumdar

Dr Neil Banas

Dr David Pritchard

Dr Sarah Barry

Dr Bingzhang Chen

Dr Francesca Arrigo

Dr Alex Wray

Dr Mohammud Foondun

Agnes Olin (PhD student)

Sandra Miller


Minutes of previous meetings are published on SharePoint (log-in required, staff only)