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Mathematics & StatisticsEquality & Diversity

We are committed to achieving and promoting equality of opportunity in learning, teaching, research and working environments, and to ensuring these environments support positive relations between people, and a culture of respect. We value the diversity of our staff and students and are committed to encouraging everyone to realise their full potential. 

We encourage all staff to participate in a range of equality and diversity courses.

Mathematics & Statistics Equality & Diversity Committee

We have an Equality and Diversity Committee which meets approximately three times a year.  We work with the Head of Department to ensure equality of opportunity, fair policies and working practices that comply with the University’s equal opportunities policy, and to increase diversity among the demographic of the Department at all levels. We aim to achieve greater awareness of equality and diversity issues within the Department, and report each year to the Executive Committee and other departmental committees as appropriate. We also coordinate applications for national awards such as Athena SWAN, and review the development and implementation of action plans for implementing positive change which includes consideration of statistics relevant to our work both in relation to staff and students.

If you wish to learn more or would like to attend an Equality and Diversity Committee meeting, please contact the Chair: Dr Elizabeth Dombi

LMS Women in Mathematics Day 2021

We are happy to announce that the London Mathematical Society Women in Mathematics Day 2021 will be hosted by the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, by zoom on Wednesday 16 June 2021.

Women in Mathematics Days are a series of  events organised by the London Mathematical Society for women in mathematics to meet together for a day of talks and discussion groups. The event is aimed in particular at postgraduates, final year undergraduates, and those at an early stage in their career. The Women in Mathematics Day provides an opportunity to meet and talk with women who are active and successful in mathematics. Anyone who is interested in the topics is welcome to attend, regardless of gender.

We are pleased to have Professor Claire Miller (University of Glasgow), Dr Katherine Tant (University of Strathclyde), Dr Paola Iannone (University of Loughborough), Dr Laura Ciobanu (Heriot-Watt University), Dr Jill Miscandlon (University of Strathclyde), and Dr Tiffany Wood (University of Edinburgh) as our invited speakers.

This workshop is funded by the London Mathematical Society.

To register please visit our website:

Please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who may be interested.

The organisers: Professor Apala Majumdar, Dr Penny Davies, Dr Elizabeth Dombi, Dr Francesca Arrigo, Ms Agnes Olin, Dr Alex Wray, and Mr Robert Lawrie.

London Mathematical Society Good Practice Scheme

The London Mathematical Society Good Practice Scheme aims to advance women's careers in university mathematics departments. We are lucky to have an honorary member in our department, Senior Lecturer, Dr Penny Davies. As a supporter, the Mathematics & Statistics department is committed to:

  • a robust organisational framework to deliver equality of opportunity and reward;
  • appointment, promotion and selection processes and procedures that encourage men and women to apply for academic posts at all levels;
  • structures and systems that enable men and women to progress and continue in their careers;
  • organisation, structure, management arrangements and culture that are open, inclusive and transparent and encourage the participation of all staff;
  • flexible approaches and provisions that encompass the working day, the working year and a working life and enable individuals at all career and life stages, to maximise their contribution to mathematics, their department and institution.

Piscopia Society

The Piscopia Society is a UK-wide society run by students that aims to encourage women and non-binary students to pursue a PhD in mathematics or related STEM subject.

The society offers events to:

  • raise awareness for the PhD option and increase attendees’ knowledge about doing a PhD and the application process
  • showcase the work of female and non-binary mathematics researchers
  • build a UK-wide community of female and non-binary researchers and mathematics students

To find out more, you can contact the Piscopia representatives for Strathclyde: Alejandra G. Cabanillas and Samantha Ofili

Department Equality & Diversity Committee members

Professor John Mackenzie (Head of Department and Co-Chair)

Dr Elizabeth Dombi (Co-Chair)

Ann Lynch (Secretary)

Kathleen Simmonds (Department Manager)

Professor Apala Majumdar

Dr David Pritchard

Dr Lindsey Corson

Michael Brown (PhD student)


Minutes of previous meetings are published on SharePoint (log-in required, staff only)