Mathematics & StatisticsCompleted Projects

Scottish Government, Fisheries Research Services project MF0274 (April 2006 – March 2009)

Abstract: The assessment of Atlantic salmon and other salmonids underpins the work of FRS FL in being the main support for most management and policy-related advice to customers and stake-holders. In the recent past, the national catch database has been used to develop more informative assessment methods than had previously been developed. National surveillance of catches has been coupled with population genetic concepts and genetic and biological evidence that salmonid stocks comprise multiple, closed reproductive populations.

Scottish Government, Fisheries Research Services project MF0761 (September 2006 – August 2009)

Abstract: The policy objective of the project was to determine the exploitation strategy (mesh size, spatial pattern, response to strong year classes) which will most enhance the conservation of haddock. The project shows that the intervention which is most effective on the haddock stocks is mesh size regulation. Eradication of catches of fish too small to be legally landed has a very marked conservation benefit, enhancing the spawning biomass and landings in the long-term. This is especially a property of the haddock stock because the population dynamics are almost entirely regulated by environmental factors.