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Mathematics & Statistics2 and 2 Study

We have in the last 10 years established a successful programme of "2+2" degree courses with the Department of Applied Mathematics at Donghua University, Shanghai. Under this scheme students are able to come here to Strathclyde for the last two years of their degree course and graduate from Strathclyde after spending their first two years of study at Donghua.

Our 2+2 scheme has now expanded to include the School of Mathematics and Physics, Anhui Polytechnic University, Wuhu, Anhui, China, the Department of Mathematics, Shanghai Normal University; the Department of Mathematics, Harbin Institute of Technology Weihai; as well as the College of Mathematics and Informatics, South China Agricultural University.

We're planning to develop links with other universities in the future.

Benefits of 2+2

  • There are many benefits to the 2+2 students, including the experience of two different educational systems, cultures and languages.
  • Our classes reflect the university's ethos as a 'place of useful learning', as they all aim to be practically useful subjects.
  • Our 4th year Honours projects give the opportunity for more specialised study, with a wide range of topics to choose from each year, and some of these offer a short taste of research.
  • As well as opportunities for postgraduate study, the competitive university internship scheme offers paid summer research projects lasting 6 to 8 weeks to well-qualified students at the end of their 3rd year. Many of the 2+2 students have so far been able to take advantage of these.

Student support

Professor Xuerong Mao, who graduated from Donghua University and who has ongoing strong links with many Chinese universities, is the contact point here for our 2+2 students and currently acts as their special advisor at Strathclyde and can help if any problems arise.

The Chinese students already here also offer a strong support network to new students and a source of practical advice.

There is also a Chinese Student Association, which organises social events and opportunities for travel in Scotland.

Success of the programme

More than 60 students so far have graduated under this scheme. All of them went on to postgraduate study after graduating at Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, UCL, LSE, Imperial College, St Andrew, Strathclyde etc.

So there are many opportunities for further academic development and experience after completing the 2+2 programme.

In particular coming to Strathclyde offers an excellent opportunity to improve their English and adjust to the academic system here in a supportive and friendly environment before beginning postgraduate study here or anywhere else in the UK.

64 students so far have graduated under this scheme. All of them went on to postgraduate study after graduating:

  • 5 studied a masters and 10 studied a PhD at Strathclyde
  • 9 studied a masters and 1 studied a PhD at Oxford
  • 3 studied a masters at Cambridge
  • 13 studied a masters at University College London
  • 8 studied a masters at Imperial College London
  • 8 studied a masters PhD at Warwick University
  • 1 studied a masters at LSE
  • 1 studied a masters at York University
  • 2 studied a masters at National University of Singapore
  • 1 studied a masters at Edinburgh University
  • 1 studied a masters at Kent University
  • 1 studied a masters at Loughborough University

Current Students

There are currently 18 students completing their 3rd and 4th year here.

10 of them are financially supported by the Chinese Scholarship Council.

All of them receive the Strathclyde International Studentships.


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