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The Neurophotonics research group develops devices to interface with neural systems in an effort to understand aspects of neural processing. We work closely with leading neuroscientists and develop high-end technology using advanced semiconductor processing techniques.

There are three main research areas at the moment:

  • microelectrode arrays for massively parallel recording from neural tissue
  • technologies for optogenetics
  • development of a retinal prosthesis to repair forms of blindness

We collaborate internationally with groups in Stanford, University of California Santa Cruz, and AGH University Krakow´╗┐ as well as groups locally.

Our key research interests

Who we work with

University of California Santa Cruz

  • Professor Alan M Litke
  • Professor Sasha Sher

Stanford University

  • Professor Daniel Palanker
  • Professor EJ Chichilnisky

AGH University, Krakow

  • Dr Pawel Hottowy
  • Professor Wladek Dabrowski

University of Strathclyde

Industrial partner

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