Research News 2014

Global engineering company acquires Strathclyde physics spin-out

A University of Strathclyde spin-out company, Cascade Technologies, specialising in gas analysis and which originated in Strathclyde’s Department of Physics, has been acquired by a global engineering and technology firm, Emerson.

23 December 2014

Funding Boost for Strathclyde’s World-class Physics Research

Physicists at Strathclyde have been awarded £400,000 to develop advanced manufacturing techniques for nano-engineered semiconductors, particularly Gallium Nitride. The award is part of a £2.65million Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) five-year grant within the area of Manufacturing Advanced Functional Materials - “Manufacturing nano-GaN”.

19th December 2014

Inductive ring trap paper in Nature Communications

In a paper published in Nature Communications, physicists at the Universities of Sussex and Dr Aidan Arnold of Strathclyde show a way to make a new type of flexibly designed microscopic trap for atoms.

27th November 2014

Relativistic electron transport in melting solids

The transport physics of multi-mega-Ampere currents of laser-accelerated electrons in solids is of fundamental importance to many promising applications of high power lasers.

11th November 2014 

Tom Gibson Memorial Award 2014

The 2014 recipient of the Tom Gibson Memorial Award is Prof. Gail McConnell of the Centre for Biophotonics, SIPBS.

9th September 2014

Quantum sealing with classical wax

John Jeffers and co-workers at Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Universities, have implemented a quantum digital signature protocol that does not require the quantum signature to be stored in quantum memory.

23rd July 2014


We are pleased to announce Adrian Cross has been promoted to Professor. This reflects Adrian's many achievements in the ABP group that he now leads.

12th June 2014

Desktop Supernova

Laser beams 60,000 billion times more powerful than a laser pointer have been used to recreate scaled supernova explosions in the laboratory as a way of investigating one of the most energetic events in the Universe.

4th June 2014 

Entanglement in Space

Recent work by a Strathclyde physicist Dr Daniel Oi and others has been highlighted on the popular website The research, published in the New Journal of Physics, is a proposal to test the effect of acceleration and orbital manoeuvres on the entanglement shared between two Bose-Einstein condensates carried by CubeSats. 

2nd June 2014

Department of Physics wins Equality Award

The University of Strathclyde’s Department of Physics has received an Athena SWAN award made in recognition of its work towards achieving gender equality.

May 2014

Green Honors Visiting Chair

Professor David Birch has been appointed to the Green Honors Visiting Chair in Physics at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

Self-organized optomechanical patterns in Nature Photonics

The physics behind some of nature’s most spectacular structures have been observed in an atomic gas at very low temperatures - less than a thousandth of a degree away from absolute zero - by a collaboration of researchers from the Optics Division and the Institut Non Linéaire de Nice in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

24th March 2014

First Fraunhofer UK research chair announced

The Royal Academy of Engineering has announced the appointment of Professor Alan Kemp as the first Fraunhofer UK/RAEng research chair at the University of Strathclyde. Alan heads the Advanced Laser Group at the Institute of Photonics.

21st February 2014

Monochromatic X-ray production using Laser Back Scattering from an Electron Linac (Elbe)

In the early days of SUPA, Wilfred Galster and I won a SUPA award to build an advanced vacuum system to study monochromatic X-ray production. The principal application of monochromatic X-rays is in the field of medical diagnostics.

22nd January 2014