Mens rugby teams play at Stepps Playing Fields

Strathclyde SportFOCUSports Clubs

The University of Strathclyde supports a number of University Performance Sports Clubs who’s top tier athletes have aspirations of exceling in BUCS competitions.

Consequently, FOCUSports receive enhanced funding to be used to support:

  • Performance coaching
  • Medical support at BUCS competitions
  • Travel and overnight accommodation when competing in BUCS competitions out-with Scotland
  • Hiring of external facilities
  • Purchasing or rental of equipment

In addition, all top tier athletes selected for a FOCUSport will receive a squad-based package of support which includes:

  • Up to two weekly squad-based Strength and Conditioning sessions
  • Squad-based Performance Lifestyle education workshops

Whilst under continuous review, the current University of Strathclyde FOCUSports are: