COP26 Legacy Strategy
Transformative innovation & impact

Overall objective: Strengthen existing partnerships and accelerate the development of new relationships where genuine opportunity for collaboration exists, and impact can be facilitated through and demonstrated within a vibrant climate neutral innovation ecosystem enabling industry, businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs a place to work together and stimulate collaborative ideas to address industrial transition, achieving net zero and new technologies.

Across the University our research and translational strengths mean we are well positioned to lead and contribute to the International, UK and Scottish Government priorities and work together with industry, policy and local communities to influence change programmes which will have long lasting impact and contribution to key areas of research and real impact to economy, industry, new business creation and society.

Our flagship partnership programmes include:

  • The development of a Climate Neutral Innovation District as the focal physical legacy to deliver future partnerships and collaborations within a sector leading passivhaus building. This will include space to demonstrate new technologies, facilitate collaborations, bring together entrepreneurs and businesses. Sector leading infrastructure to demonstrate passivhaus buildings, technology demonstration and showcase, and exemplar programmes.
  • Advanced manufacturing innovation district, including the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland and a strategic partnership to the High Value Manufacturing Catapult. Pioneering sustainable manufacturing practices, supply chain support and development, and digitalisation to support Scottish manufacturing, medical and pharma industries as well as automotive, aerospace and energy transition.
  • Six industrial clusters as part of the Glasgow City Innovation District: Industrial Informatics, Quantum Technologies, Health Technologies, Space, Financial Technologies. Together these clusters will, in partnership with industry and SMEs, accelerate the development of new research and technologies for application across industrial sectors, and will contribute towards industrial decarbonisation, industrial competitiveness and sustainable practices.
  • Strathclyde Inspire is stimulating the next generation of influencers, innovators and industry leaders, empowering our staff, students and alumni to embrace entrepreneurship, transforming their own lives and the lives of others.
  • The Green Infrastructure and Transport Hub is one of 4 hubs of Sustainable Glasgow which provides and expert commission promotes leaderships on climate change, and support both stakeholders and long term planning.
  • Provide further thought leadership and impact to support Scotland’s pending new Human Rights Framework help realise the Sustainable Development Goals nationally and to support UN efforts to leverage states’ international human rights treaty obligations to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals globally.