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Strathclyde Inspire supports entrepreneurship in all its forms. If you’re a Strathclyde student, staff member, or alumnus, we can help you: 

  • explore your entrepreneurial potential 
  • with your idea for a business 
  • commercialise your research.  

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Strathclyde Inspire embodies our entrepreneurial spirit and will help our students and staff realise their creativity and ambition, empowering them to make an impact on the world around them.
Professor Sir Jim McDonald
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Our inspiring people

Beyza Baran, IP & Commercialisation Manager

Beyza Baran

IP & Commercialisation Manager

"I built my resilience and enhanced my strengths in commercial awareness and creative thinking. I embraced entrepreneurship experiences outside of my degree and enhanced both my personal and professional skills, transforming the career opportunities available to me."
Andrew Kerr, Medical Student at Cambridge University

Andrew Kerr

MSc Pharmacy (2018)

"My degree may have been Pharmacy, but the practical entrepreneurship experiences I embraced as a Strathclyde student developed skills that have continued to benefit me today. It ignited a fire in me and transformed the way I look at the world. That skill isn’t something that can be taught, it needs to be experienced."
Teaching Associate, Dr Steven Ford, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Dr Steven Ford

Teaching Associate

"I try to embrace entrepreneurship as an approach to the way I teach and design modules and classes. If utilised in the right context, I think this approach can not only transform the way you teach, but also the student experience."
Dr Rothwell Tate, Founder Ultrafast Technologies M.Sc in Bioengineering, Ph.D in Molecular Biology

Dr Rothwell Tate

Founder Ultrafast Technologies

"I know that the technology I have created could transform lives in the future – who wouldn’t want to work towards making that a reality? The difficulty is going for it. You just have to embrace the challenge - make the most of all of the resources at Strathclyde. Surround yourself with people who share in your vision and commitment and bring the range of skills you will need."
Melanie Blane, Founder of White Rabbit Skincare

Melanie Blane

Founder of White Rabbit Skincare

"It’s all about embracing your connections and utilising them to build your network. Thanks to my links with Strathclyde, I have transformed my business with the help of practical workshops, opportunities to pitch my business and access to mentors and funding."
Gábor Várkonyi, CEO and Founder of NeuroVLC

Gábor Várkonyi,

CEO and Founder of NeuroVLC

"If you are interested in opportunities beyond working in academia or industry, I would highly recommend embracing entrepreneurship. I gained the confidence in commercialising my own research which will now aim to transform the lives of those with brain-related health conditions and diseases."
Steve Greenland, Founder of Craft Prospect Ltd and Omanos Analytics

Steve Greenland

Founder of Craft Prospect

"Starting out, I lacked the language to explain my vision in business terms, and the team at Strathclyde helped me embrace new ways of thinking to translate technical concepts into the language of enterprise, and thus transforming me from an engineer to a managing director.”
Rebecca Pick, Founder of Pick Protection

Rebecca Pick

Founder of Pick Protection

"Strathclyde encouraged me to embrace my ideas and helped get my business off the ground. I was provided with free office space, access to a network of people and support in getting investor ready; transforming myself and my business in order to succeed in raising finance."
Victoria Hamilton, founder of Recoil Kneepads

Victoria Hamilton

Founder of Recoil Kneepads

"Embrace the opportunities that Strathclyde has to offer, surround yourself with good people and always go with your gut instinct. No one knows your business better than you – trust yourself and you can transform the way you do business."
Professor Colin Suckling, Research Professor of Chemistry

Professor Colin Suckling

Research Professor of Chemistry

"It’s important to understand that in order to transform the lives of others through licencing IP, inventors need to embrace the opportunities that the University has to offer, just as much as the University needs its inventors to create opportunities."
Robbie MacIssac

Robbie MacIsaac

FLUX Solutions

“As an engineer, I focus on details and often spend too much time trying to make sure everything is perfect. However, in business and entrepreneurship, things can change quickly. It is important to be reactive and adaptable."
Kieren Egan

Dr Kieren Egan


“There is no set course for entrepreneurial experience - progress is unlikely to be linear. It’s common that you’ll have setbacks and feedback you don’t expect. For me, an important approach has been to take these opportunities for growth, not just for the company, but also for me professionally."
Christopher Hoy

Christopher Hoy


“For me, it’s all about having a clear understanding of the mission and ensuring it is one that you’re passionate about. If you know what you’re striving to achieve, this will guide your decision-making and allow you to break it down into manageable tasks"
Professor Weijia Yuan & Dr Min Zhang

Professor Weijia Yuan & Professor Min Zhang


“If you think you have an idea which can change things, get in touch with Strathclyde Inspire before making any publications. Commercialisation is not an easy journey, but it is rewarding, not just from a royalty income or academic standpoint, but also from a personal achievement point. Do it when you are young and do it wholeheartedly”.

Charles Huang Foundation:
A transformational gift

In September 2021, the University received £50 million from alumnus and global business leader Dr Charles Huang from his philanthropic foundation.

The gift is the largest Strathclyde has ever received – and is set to transform the lives of students and the global communities we serve.

Read more about the four areas the gift will support.

Charles Huang Foundation

Dr Charles Huang and Professor Sir Jim McDonald.

Latest news

Inspire-supported medical software company receives funding

Congratulations to University of Strathclyde and Inspire Accelerator alum Scott Black, founder of Claymore Surgical Ltd, on receiving funding from Gabriel Investment Syndicate, in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and University of Strathclyde. The is developing a medical software to support doctors to diagnose childhood sleep disorders and prioritise treatment for the most urgent cases.