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Bringing engine emissions to light

Category: Digital connections

An aircraft engine surrounded by scaffolding and lights on the walls performing emission imaging

Accurate measurement of emissions is essential in the development and evaluation of new aero-engine technologies. University of Strathclyde, and collaborators, have developed the first system (the red dodecagon - pictured) for imaging the CO2 distribution of an aero-engine exhaust plume. The system uses 126 individual laser beams to reconstruct an image of the distribution using a technique known as chemical species tomography (CST). 

Entrant: Gordon Humphries , Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Copyright: Gordon Humphries

Funding: EU Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement ID: 785539. “CIDAR: Combustion species Imaging Diagnostics for Aero engine Research”

Collaborators: Mark Johnston (Rolls Royce plc), Micheal Lengden