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Responsible responsive materials

Category: Closing the loop

An illustration of His-Tyr-Phe – a water responsive material

Water-responsive materials (such as His-Tyr-Phe, illustrated) convert a change in hydration level to a mechanical force. This particular biodegradable peptide increases in size by up to 65% when hydrated and could greatly reduce the environmental impact of industries such as robotics and power generation. Through its study, we’re exploring the development of new, natural materials to replace the many synthetic materials currently used in research.

Entrant: Travis Hesketh , Chemistry

Copyright: Travis Hesketh

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funded ARCHIE WeST High Performance Computer: EP/K000586/1

Collaborators: Prof. Tell Tuttle (supervisor - Strathclyde); Prof. Xi Chen, Dr. Scott McPhee, Roxana Piotrowska, Prof Rein Ulijn (project collaborators - all of ASRC, CUNY)