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Whose natural resources?

Category: Tackling uncertainty

Watercolour painting showing a meeting taking place outdoors between people in suits and others in traditional outfits

An indigenous community hears that the government is about to authorize a new mining project in their traditional lands. Can the community still say "no" to this development? What kind of benefits is the community entitled to, if the project goes ahead? Strathclyde’s research in International law aims to clarify practical steps, for governments and private companies to follow, to ensure respect for indigenous peoples’ human rights and environmental protection.

Entrant: Elisa Morgera , Law

Copyright: Elisa Morgera

Funding: ERC-2013-StG 335592: BENELEX - Benefit-sharing for an equitable transition to the green economy - the role of law

Collaborators: Margherita Brunori


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