Strathclyde InspireCase Study - Dr Rothwell Tate

Dr Rothwell Tate, University of Strathclyde double graduate, is founder of UltraFast Technologies.

Obtaining pre-spinout endorsement from the University in 2017, UltraFast Technologies aims to commercialise the development of a new rapid cycling process that significantly improves throughput and time-to-result for a conventional platform for all PCR applications. This innovation will help advance molecular diagnostics to where PCRs in less than 5 or 10 minutes become routine.

To date, Dr Tate has won numerous awards and accolades which has accelerated the growth of his company, including successful completion of the University of Strathclyde’s Business Accelerator and the BioCity Accelerator programme.

Dr Tate credits the University’s entrepreneurial support in his personal development as an innovator, through its extensive catalogue of in house development opportunities and activities. This has included the opportunity to pitch at a Strathclyde business support event which provided Dr Tate the opportunity to engage and share his vision with a key demographic and make new contacts to enter the industry he is pursuing.

Talking of his experience as a Pre-Spin out, Dr Tate said:

Strathclyde and its status in the sector helps open so many doors with its extensive network connections and has led to many introductions and opportunities to pitch. Introductions to key industry connections has led to links which provide a greater understanding of sector needs (value proposition) and collaboration opportunities. These are all necessary aspects of a robust business plan and I have been fortunate to have had so many at Strathclyde support me on this path

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