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There are many types of Intellectual Property (‘IP’) IP that can be successfully commercialised:

IP rightApplication
Patents New products, devices, materials, methods or software
Copyright Literary & artistic works​, documents, databases & software code
Trade marks Signs, logos, trade names, slogans, colours & smells
Design rights 2D/3D appearance 
Database right Simple databases 
Trade secrets/ know-how Knowledge gained from experience

As an employee of the University, IP developed as part of your normal duties is owned by the University.  IP created during the course of a funded project may however be subject to ownership provisions contained in an associated award letter or research contract.

To provide information on IP being developed, submitting an invention disclosure is the first step and done via the inventor portal.  An IP & Commercialisation manager (IPCM) will be assigned to discuss the disclosure and next steps.

A clear understanding of the IP being discussed and its ownership is important.  Funding can be requested by the team responsible for the innovation to gain a better understanding of the IP landscape, i.e. what else is out there, and the potential for patent protection which in turn can influence the commercialisation path.