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Strathclyde has a variety of different roles that are part of the Technical Staff family.

These roles are fundamental to the smooth running of the University and allows us to function successfully from day to day.

Technical jobs are usually based across campus, in different buildings, dependant on what team individuals are part of.

Roles range from engineering to IT roles.

Benefits of working at Strathclyde

We provide our staff a wide range of outstanding benefits that include financial rewards, family friendly and wellbeing benefits and career development opportunities.

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Learning & development opportunities  

Learning and development opportunities are offered at all levels of employment for Technical Staff and give access to some great training. This includes a dedicated Technical Staff Development Programme and other half day and full day courses such as project management, personal effectiveness and health and safety training. 

Terms & conditions for Technical Staff

Apply for a job now 

If you're interested in applying for a job within our Technical Staff, please ensure you set up a profile on our current vacancies pages.