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Research covers how the impacts of marginalised communities’ entrepreneurial characteristics, such as gender, race and disability, have shaped their entrepreneurial action.



Sarah Dodd

Sarah Dodd other research has explored the barriers and possibilities facing disabled entrepreneurs, particularly from a social capital/networking perspective. Sarah also has a wider research interest in entrepreneurial health and well-being.

Abdullah Gok

Abdullah Gok’s work on a Scottish Government funded study explored the effectiveness of public policies and programmes that encouraged woman to engage in entrepreneurship.

Paul Lassalle

Paul Lassalle’s other work focuses on the importance of diversity and migration in contemporary societies. He has published his research in leading academic journals in the fields of migration and management research (including in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and Industrial Marketing Management). His most recent works explores the specific conditions experienced by migrant entrepreneurs in other contexts.

Dr Suzanne Mawson

Similarly, Dr Suzanne Mawson’s research explores the drivers of transnational entrepreneurial migration to entrepreneurial ecosystems for accelerated growth, as well as firm start-up and growth ambitions amongst refugees and economic migrants. For instance, she has examined the entrepreneurial intentions of Syrian refugees in the UK.

Samuel Mwaura

Samuel Mwaura’s recent work has focused on innovation and its impact on productivity, SME financing, the link between entrepreneurship and household wellbeing (including household wealth), and enterprise performance in developing economies and amongst ethnic minorities, migrants and women in the UK. Dr Mwaura is part of the Minority Ethnic and Migrant Enterprise Working Group convened by the Scottish Government to advice and advance policy discussions on these matters.

Katerina Nicolopoulouhas

Katerina Nicolopoulouhas led as Principal Investigator, over the period 2017-2020, of four research projects funded by GCRF (Scottish Funding council) and GEF funds, dedicated to the study of women entrepreneurs in unplanned urban communities of Egypt.

Her latest project Navigating COVID19 related transitions and transformations of economically marginalised women entrepreneurs with urban poor communities of the Greater Cairo region’ (2020) focused on designing a toolkit for business readiness and resilience to support entrepreneurial transitions in urban poor communities of Cairo.

Paul Lassalle, Professor Sarah Dodd & Dr Mwaura

Alongside Dr Paul Lassalle and Professor Sarah Dodd, Dr Mwaura has also worked as Principal Investigator evaluated barriers to ethnic minority entrepreneurship in Scotland and the contributions migrants entrepreneurship makes to Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government and the Federation of Small Businesses.

Eleanor Shaw

Professor Eleanor Shaw’s research is interested in the diversity of entrepreneurship and in understanding how equal access to entrepreneurial opportunities can create positive personal outcomes as well as make broader economic and societal contributions. Her studies have drawn from Social network theory and Bourdieu’s work on Capital Theory to better understand the entrepreneurial practises and experiences of women, graduate, social and creative entrepreneurs.

Veselina Stoyanova

Veselina Stoyanova’s is also active in migrant entrepreneurship research, helping to lead a project that explores the implications of turbulent events such as the global health crisis for migrant entrepreneurship. The context of the study is the knowledge-intensive sector, which currently comprises 2.5 million business in the UK.

The research aim of this study to explore how migrant small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate, shape, and adapt their business-level strategy in times of crisis to minimize the impact of economic crisis, as an unexpected event, which poses a significant business survival threat.

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