Advanced Composites Group What we do

Pushing the frontiers of composite science

Through our research, the Advanced Composites Group is committed to furthering fundamental understanding of composite materials science. 

Multi-disciplinary approach

Composite materials, by their nature, require a multi-disciplinary approach to fundamental research. An understanding of the mechanics, physics and chemistry of materials is key.

We have a strong track record of work at both the micro and macro composite level. Performance of reinforcement fibre, the fibre-matrix interface and structure - processing - performance relationships all fall within our expertise. We are also pursuing world-leading research in fibre composite recycling and in polymer aerogel technology.

We are one of the most active composites research groups in Scotland

Professor James Thomason, ACG director

Our work is funded through public funding bodies such as the EPSRC, SFC and OGIC. We also have strong links with industrial partners. Our research ventures have been carried out with sponsorship from companies such as SABIC, 3B the fibreglass company, Bosch, Suzlon and Blueshift International Materials Inc. We welcome new partnerships with industry, wherever our expertise can compliment your research goals. Find out more about the types of projects and collaborations we can offer on our Work with us page.

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