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 Stress Awareness Month
 Autism Acceptance Month

2           World Autism Awareness Day
23         Day of Silence
26         Lesbian Visibility Day

                                   Autism Acceptance Month

At Strathclyde, we strive to create an inclusive culture that supports, champions, and celebrates autistic people. We are committed to helping our autistic students and staff to feel like they belong in our community, and to make all aspects of university life accessible to them. We invite you to join us this month in raising awareness and understanding of autism across the university, and we hope that you can help us to move towards a culture that celebrates difference.  


Learn about Autism

Gaining an accurate understanding of autism is crucial, as many myths and misconceptions remain widespread across the population. A lack of understanding can lead to some autistic people feeling isolated and alone, so it is important to stick to the facts:




The Autism Friendly University Project

The Autism Friendly University team are working towards making the university more inclusive and accessible for autistic students and staff. This includes raising awareness and understanding about autism across the university, which we have been addressing in our series of informational events. We have hosted five online events so far this year:

26/01/2022- Project SEARCH. Angie Black talked about Project SEARCH, a one-year transformational work experience programme designed to support young adults with learning disabilities and/or autism to learn the skills required to get and keep a job. In this event, we learned that only 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment, which demonstrates the importance of this programme.

23/02/2022- Autism Research. Dr. Szu-Ching Lu, a Hawthorne Fellow in autism innovation, spoke about the contributions that her team are making in understanding and supporting autism through research.

9/03/2022- Autism and Careers. We learned about how the Careers and Employability Service supports autistic students and graduates. Rachel Pooley, a careers consultant at Strathclyde, gave us a closer look at the resources and support they provide to support the career development of neurodivergent students and graduates.

23/03/2022- Masters in Autism Course. Gillian McConnell, the course leader of the full time MSc and part time Med in Autism Studies, informed us about these courses. Some of her students also joined us to speak about their studies and planned dissertations.

13/04/2022- Autism and Wellbeing. In this event, Chris McKenzie, a disability and wellbeing manager, will be discussing how the Strathclyde Disability and Wellbeing service supports autistic students and staff.

If you are interested in attending future events, please email: wideningaccess@strath.ac.uk for details on how to register. 

Autism Friendly Events

Autistic people can often find it challenging to attend typical university events. The Student Union can be noisy, unpredictable, busy, and bright, which can create a distressing environment for many autistic people. It is important for the University to make accommodations in this regard, so that more events and activities are accessible to autistic students and staff. A document with some guidance on organising an autism friendly event can be found here Guide for Autism Friendly University Events at Strathclyde.