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Where to look for part-time jobs

Part-time jobs and casual vacancies are advertised via StrathUnion Job Shop and the Careers Service via MyCareerHub Strathclyde (DS login).

What types of part-time jobs are available in Glasgow?

Glasgow's busy city centre means that the hospitality sector tends to have lots of vacancies. Some roles you could apply for include:

  • bar staff
  • waiting staff
  • reception
  • housekeeping
  • nightclub staff

Other part-time jobs that might be available include:

  • security work
  • demonstrators
  • tutoring jobs
  • call centre operators (sometimes for those with a second language)
  • promotions staff

Brand Managers – Some organisations wish to recruit student Brand Managers in order to raise their profile on campus and to improve recruitment. 

If you don't need or want to commit to a permanent role, there are also one-off vacancies. These are jobs where you work for one or two days. There are always plenty of temporary jobs in the lead-up to Christmas.

While some jobs specify the number of hours that you'll work, others offer more flexibility. Some students like flexible working to fit their other commitments. If you need regular work to pay bills this may not be the best option. You may find that you are not offered enough hours, or may even feel pressured into working more than 20 hours a week.

How do I find jobs in the local area?

Many businesses don’t advertise part-time jobs because they know they'll get enough interest. Here are a few tips:

Where else do employers advertise jobs?

Use the UK Government’s Find a Job database on the GOV.UK website (includes both full-time and part-time, temporary and permanent jobs - job seekers choose the geographical area they wish to search in).

There are lots of Scottish-based recruitment websites where you can search for part-time jobs for example:

Recruitment agencies may occasionally have part-time jobs for specific sectors (for example, hospitality, IT).

Working for the University

The University's Human Resources Directorate has a vacancy website where roles in administration, estates and support services are advertised. However, many of these will be full time and will not be suitable for students. The Strath Union JobShop advertises part-time and casual work on campus.

Casual vacation work

If you already have a part-time job during the semester, your employer may want you to stay on throughout the vacations. If you're not from the Glasgow area and are working for a large UK organisation, it may be possible to request a transfer for the summer if you plan to return to your home area during the vacation period.

Many shops, hotels, and restaurants advertise temporary Christmas jobs to cover the busy holiday season in Winter. If you want to find work in Glasgow for the summer you must start your job search early. There is lots of competition for local jobs, so be proactive.

Around the UK, there are many seasonal opportunities that become available only during vacations. For example, work in children's summer camps, fruit picking, tourism vacancies, and opportunities in language schools. The Summer Jobs website may be useful and opportunities may also be advertised via the Strath Union Job Shop.

The Careers Service advertises vacation opportunities throughout the UK and abroad.

You can also search for UK recruitment websites on the internet. Some will handle vacancies in all areas of the UK, or will specialise in recruitment for a particular region.

Applying for part-time jobs

Part-time opportunities cover a huge range of roles. Some will require very specific skills or experience, while others are looking for more general skills that many students will have. Most jobs will require an application, often a Curriculum Vitae (CV). You will have to show relevant skills and possibly experience that match the needs of the role. Get advice on your CV.

What if I don’t have any work experience?

See our advice to help you build your skills and experience.

Thinking about working abroad during your vacation?

See our section on international vacation work

Vacancy advertising standards/advice about working

The Careers Service works to ensure that every part-time job advertised via MyCareerHub Strathclyde is genuine, lawful, and non-discriminatory.

Ensure that you balance work and study. Don’t allow a part-time job to interfere with your academic commitments.

We advertise where employers offer to pay at least the National Minimum Wage.

We do not advertise part-time vacancies where students work on a commission-only or self-employed basis.

Advice on working during your studies and your rights at work.

Know your rights & stay safe

You may wish to apply for vacancies that you see advertised on other websites, newspapers, or noticeboards. If you do apply for these vacancies, please ensure that you: