Telephone Services

Phone cables

We provide a wide variety of services including:

  • switchboard provision
  • call billing
  • installations and alterations
  • provision of new phones
  • telephone fault resolution
  • telephone usage guidance
  • conference calls

Telephone Faults and Changes

Dial '0', to report the fault to the switchboard operators (or 4455 for the Supervisor).

Email all changes to the Switchboard Supervisor, Denise Norris

Installations and Alterations

Email all requests to the Switchboard Supervisor, Denise Norris

Please ensure you quote your budget code within the email request.

Costs for work are as follows:

  • Wiring and socket provision: £120.00
  • New number allocation: £271.62
  • Telephone instrument: £40.00

Useful guides for staff

Telephone User Guide

Voicemail Guide

Telephone Charges