Connect remotely to your H: or i: network drive

There are several different ways for you to connect remotely to your network drives. Select the name of your chosen method for a step-by-step guide.

Your device Your location How to connect Additional requirements
Windows PC or laptop On campus, or using VPN Map a Drive  
Windows PC or laptop Off campus WebDrive (Windows)  
Strathcloud network shares Use a browser other than Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, e.g. Chrome or Firefox
Connect to VPN, then follow the instructions above for on-campus.

1.  Connect to VPN using Forticlient

2.  Map a Drive (same procedure as on-campus) 

Mac On campus SMB for Mac  
Mac Off campus Strathcloud network shares  
Webdrive on Mac  
Unix/Linux On campus SMB for Linux  
Unix/Linux Off campus Strathcloud network shares  
WebDrive (Linux)  
Mobile devices On or off campus Strathcloud network shares Download Citrix Sharefile mobile app from your app store