Support for staff members with caring responsibilities at Strathclyde

We are a support group for staff members who have, intend to have, or have had caring responsibilities.

The support group encompasses staff members who care for someone  who is ill, old and/or frail, disabled or requiring significant assistance; care may be substantial or ad-hoc.

The support group meet meets every 8 weeks, providing the opportunity to network with other carers and share concerns and experiences. The group drives its own agenda, and carers therefore have the opportunity to suggest topics for discussion contribute to the topics discussed and suggest guest speakers.

The group meets every 8 weeks.

Details of the meetings are published in the Weekly Digest. The Weekly Digest will direct you to book a place via OSDU.

Meetings take place at lunchtime and are held in the Collins Suite, Collins Building, 22 Richmond Street, Lunch is provided.

Wednesday 04 September 2019, 1-2pm, Room CL/201

Wednesday 06 November 2019, 1-2pm, Room CL/202

Tuesday 07 January 2020, 1-2pm, Room CL/201

Wednesday 04 March 2020, 1-2pm, Room CL/201

Wednesday 06 May 2020, 1-2pm, Room CL/202

Thursday 02 July 2020, 1-2pm, Room CL/201


Come along to the carers group. 

You can also register as a Carer by updating your personal details, via the HR tab on PEGASUS.

Please see the Carer Policy.

Carers have access to other support, advice and assistance which includes: 

  • Staff Counselling and Employee Assistance Programme (PAM Assist): This programme is designed to help staff acquire the skills to deal with challenges to a balanced and productive life at work and home, which can be acute for our Carers. Benefits include: a telephone helpline, which is available 24/7; up to 6-face-to-face counselling sessions, which are offered near the staff member's home or place of work; and access to online resources, providing information and advice on a range of topics including the wellbeing of Carers.
  • Chaplaincy Centre: The Chaplaincy provides opportunities for Carers to spend time in worship, quiet thought, a community environment or meditation. The team of multi-faith Chaplains can provide assistance to Carers, which includes bereavement support.