Financial Assistance

UK/Home students who are experiencing financial difficulty during the course of their studies at Strathclyde can access a number of different resources depending on their circumstances, namely: the Discretionary Fund, the Childcare Fund and the Emergency Aid Fund. Please contact our office to discuss your particular needs.


The Discretionary Fund is intended to assist students who are in, or may be facing, severe financial difficulty. EU students (not in receipt of a Student Loan) and international students are not eligible to apply.

You can apply if:

  • You are a UK student or otherwise meet the residence requirements for a student loan (even if you cannot actually get a loan because you are part time or a postgraduate)
  • You think there will be a shortfall between your income and your reasonable expenditure between now and the end of the academic year
  • If you are a full time undergraduate or PGDE student, you have applied for your full Student Loan and have received your award notice and payment schedule


The Childcare Fund can help with a contribution towards the costs of formal/registered childcare costs* for Scottish-domiciled full-time undergraduate students who receive tuition fee support and have applied for full funding entitlement from SAAS and postgraduate students who receive a living cost loan from SAAS. Formal childcare includes registered childminders, after-school clubs, day care, sitter services and providers of pre-school and education.  Proof of current formal/registered childcare costs must be provided.

*Informal childcare costs (e.g. non-registered childminder, friend, family member) may be considered via the Discretionary Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I get help, will I have to pay the money back later?  No. Discretionary Fund and Childcare Fund payments are non-repayable grants.

Can I apply more than once during the year?  When we assess your first application we will usually calculate your needs for the full academic year.  You can make another application but you will need to explain how your circumstances have changed significantly and how you spent the money from a previous award.

I am a postgraduate. Can I apply?  Yes, if you are a “Home” or "Rest of UK" student.

I am a part time student. Can I apply?  Yes, if you are a “Home” or "Rest of UK" student.

I have a job. Can I apply?   Yes.  You may still have a budget shortfall.  If you are a full time student we will also consider how many hours it is reasonable for you to work during term time.

What kind of things will the Discretionary/Childcare Fund pay for?  The Discretionary/Childcare Fund covers basic living expenses, study-related costs, childcare and travel*.  We do NOT pay Tuition Fees, and we cannot support high spending on unnecessary items.  If you are in financial difficulty because of poor budgeting, we may be able to help, but you will also need to get your spending on track.

How long does it take to get a decision?  If you submit your form with all the necessary documentation. we aim to assess your application within 4 working weeks.  At busy times, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete the process.  We will notify you by email of our decision.

*The fund cannot make awards to assist students with travel costs related to periods of exchange or study abroad.