Plastic Bottles

Plastic items are segregated and collected using a recycling bins labelled "Plastic Bottles".

What can I recycle?

Empty and Wash 

Before disposing of your unwanted plastic waste please make sure that containers are empty and do not contain any food or liquid residues. 

What NOT to dispose in the Plastic Bottles bin?

Recycling Procedure

Plastic Bottles Recycling Bins are:

The external recycling containers are collected by the University’s waste management contractor who will bale and dispatch the plastic to merchants. 

For more information on what happens once the plastic leaves the University please visit the What Happens to Our Waste? webpage.

Contact Details

Sustainability Team

Estates: 0141 548 2164

Staff Team Role Expertise
Roddy Yarr Assistant Director (Sustainability) Environmental Strategy
David Charles Energy Engineer Utilities, Carbon mgmt, Travel
Neil McBeth Active Travel Co-ordinator Cycling
Rabbab Oun Sustainable Labs Co-ordinator S-Labs
Cameron Mackay Environmental Projects Assistant Engagement, Garden






If you have any questions, comments or any issues with the cleaning service please contact:

Mark Lindsay, Contracts Surveyor
Tel: 0141 548 2112



If you require additional bins, desktop boxes or recycling sacks please contact:

Andrew Baillie, Cleaning Services Manager
Tel: 0141 548 4975