Policy Briefs


  • Debbie Legge and Annaig Nicol, 'Ecocide and Animals: extracting a framework for discussion from the work of Polly Higgins, Damien Short and Nigel South', SCELG Policy Brief 19/2021
  • Chrysa Alexandraki, 'Sustainable Finance Law: The EU Paradigm and the Way Forward', SCELG Policy Brief 18/2021
  • Annaig Nicol, Catherine Hall, Hayley-Bo Dorrian-Bak, Iona McEntee, Meet Kaur, Patricia Berlouis, Rebecca Ljungberg, and Thomas Paxton, 'A Review of the Legal Protections for Scottish Semi-Ancient and Ancient Woodland', SCELG Policy Brief 17/2021


  • Mika Schroder, Governments fail to meet the Aichi Biodiversity Targets - do they have a pathway towards "transformative change"?, SCELG Policy Brief 16/2020
  • Mitchell Lennan, Sofie Quist, Giulia Sajeva &  Mika Schroder, 2030 for the EU: Real steps of change?, SCELG Policy Brief 15/2020
  • Francesco Sindico and James Ellsmoor, Coronavirus: A Global Island Perspective, SCELG Policy Brief 14/2020


  • Francesco Sindico, Transboundary Aquifers at the 2019 UN General Assembly 6th Committee: The Invisibility Cape is Still On (at least for another five years…), SCELG Policy Brief 13/2019
  • Francesco Sindico, The Ocotepeque – Citalá Statement of Intent: A first step towards transboundary aquifer cooperation in Central America?, SCELG Policy Brief 12/2019
  • Miranda Geelhoed, Response to the Public Consultation on 'Environmental Principles and Governance in Scotland', SCELG Policy Brief 11/2019
  • Miranda Geelhoed, Response to the Public Consultation on ‘Good Food Nation Proposals for Legislation’, SCELG Policy Brief 10/2019


  • Francesco Sindico and Nicola Crook, Searching for the Voice of the Island Communities in the Islands (Scotland) Bill, SCELG Policy Brief 9/2018
  • Nicola Crook and Francesco Sindico, Islands (Scotland) Bill 2018: A Brief Overview, SCELG Policy Brief 8/2018
  • Miranda Geelhoed, Response to the Public Consultation ‘Developing an Environment Strategy for Scotland', SCELG Policy Brief 6/2017


  • Ricardo Hirata, Francesco Sindico, and Alberto Manganelli, A importância da entrada em vigor do Acordo do Sistema Aquífero Guarani, SCELG Policy Brief 6/2017
  • Ricardo Hirata, Francesco Sindico and Alberto Manganelli, El valor de la entrada en vigor del Acuerdo sobre el Sistema Acuífero Guaraní, SCELG Policy Brief 5/2017
  • Elisa Morgera, Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann, Miranda Geelhoed and Mara Ntona, Contribution of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives to Nature Protection in Scotland, SCELG Policy Brief 4/2017


  • Elisa Morgera, Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann, Aileen McHarg, Miranda Geelhoed and Mara Ntona, Rights protected under EU law concerning the environment, SCELG Policy Brief 3/2016
  • Mara Ntona, A Legal Perspective on the Value of Scotland’s EU Membership for Sustainable Fisheries, SCELG Policy Brief 2/2016
  • Miranda Geelhoed, A Legal Perspective on the Value of Scotland’s EU Membership for the Agro, SCELG Policy Brief 1/2016