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Chemistry Analytical & forensic science

Analytical chemistry at Strathclyde is wide-ranging and typically instrumentation intensive. Work includes developments in:

  • atomic spectrometry
  • molecular spectrometry
  • chromatography
  • radioanalytical techniques
  • optical spectroscopies
  • materials analysis
  • chemometrics

Centre for Forensic Science

We're actively engaged in research in forensic science (both forensic chemistry and forensic biology) and forensic practice.

Our research is directly related to the field and therefore can be carried out in collaboration with operational forensic science laboratories. It's also relative at a more fundamental and theoretical scientific level.

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Analytical Chemistry Research Group

Our research covers two main areas:

  • Environmental analytical chemistry
  • Process analytical chemistry

Environmental analytical chemistry

In environmental analytical chemistry, we're interested in the development of new methods for determining potentially toxic elements and persistent organic pollutants, and in applying these methods to study natural systems and conserve museum artefacts.

Process analytical chemistry

In process analytical chemistry, we are involved in multi-centre, multidisciplinary collaborative research with industry through the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology.

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Bioanalytical Chemistry

The development of novel optical and nanotechnology based tools for sensitive biomolecular detection and rapid cellular and tissue analysis is a central research theme.

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