Chemistry Chemical biology & medicinal chemistry

Research in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry encompasses a broad spectrum of interests from the delivery of chemical tools to underpin and advance basic biology, to the application of knowledge in drug discovery.

Our specific skills lie in synthesis, bioinformatics, nucleic acid chemistry, amino acid chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, biophysical chemistry and NMR spectroscopy.

Staff membersResearch interests

Dr Rebecca Beveridge

  • analytical chemistry
  • ion mobility-mass spectrometry
  • protein structure and dynamics
  • biomolecular interactions
Professor Glenn A. Burley 
  • alternative splicing therapies
  • bioconjugation
  • chemistry of nucleosides
  • gene expression
  • nucleic acid chemical biology 
Dr Mark J. Dufton
  • bioinformatics
  • biomolecular structure and mechanism
  • drug discovery
Dr Craig Jamieson 
  • catalysis
  • chemical biology
  • drug discovery
  • medicinal chemistry
  • organic synthesis 
Dr Barry D. Moore
  • biophysical chemistry
  • non-aqueous biocatalysis
  • self-assembly
  • mechanisms of crystal formation
  • PCMC
  • CaP-PCMC
  • formulation of therapeutic proteins and vaccines  
Dr John A. Parkinson 
  • solution phase NMR
  • experimental NMR methods
  • NMR instrumentation
  • NMR data handling and interpretation  
Professor Colin J. Suckling 
  • drug discovery
  • medicinal chemistry
  • heterocycle synthesis
Professor Nick C. O. Tomkinson 
  • catalysis
  • chemical biology
  • medicinal chemistry
  • organic synthesis  
Dr Fraser Scott
  • medicinal chemistry
  • drug discovery
  • chemical biology
  • anti-infectives


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