Catalysis and synthesis

Chemistry Synthesis & catalysis

Synthetic organic, inorganic and organometallic research at Strathclyde encompasses a broad spectrum of interests, from fundamental concepts in mechanistic chemistry to the application of new technology in commercial and technological projects.

Our skills in synthetic chemistry are complemented with expertise in computational chemistry. This allows us to develop our science at the highest level. 

We use a wide range of instrumentation:

We also use experimental techniques like handing air-sensitive compounds.

Inorganic synthesis 

We're currently looking at the synthesis of main group organometallic and mixed metal complexes for synergetic synthesis, bioinorganic chemistry, Chiral concepts in s-block metal amide chemistry, Crystallography, structure-property relationships, solid-state materials, and working towards paradigm shifts in the principles and practice of polar organometallic chemistry. 

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Organic synthesis

Research in synthetic organic chemistry includes:

  • methodology development
  • organometallic chemistry
  • total synthesis
  • polymer synthesis
  • medicinal chemistry
  • physical organic chemistry
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • computational chemistry
  • chemical biology

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Computational chemistry

The use of advanced theoretical methods and high performance computing help create a detailed picture of the fundamental changes occurring as atoms and molecules react, particularly in catalytic cycles.

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