Hyperspectral Imaging Centre

About us

The University of Strathclyde's Hyperspectral Imaging Centre, set up in 2009, is the first of its kind in the UK. It delivers signal processing algorithms and turnkey solutions to specific imaging problems for industry and the public sector.

Hyperspectral imaging can measure multiple variables including temperature, chemical composition, and levels of moisture, fat and sugar. This has led to a highly multidisciplinary IERC working with meat producers, food and drink companies, and health services.

Current projects

  • SAMS NERC - Mar 14 to Feb 15
  • SFC Lightbody, Image Processing of Baked Products   
  • TSB Nuclear Call with Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering and Institute for Energy and Environment, Image Mosaicing, MAPS 2 - Nov 14 to Oct 17
  • TSB Image Stitching for Pipe Inspection with Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering, MAPS1 - Jan 2013 to Dec 2013 
  • Image Stitching with Institute for Energy and Environment for EDF Energy - Nov 12 to Nov 14
  • KTP´╗┐ Harbro - Oct 14 to Apr 17
  • TSB Fraunhofer - Oct 14 to Sep 15     
  • GSK   - Jul 14 to Dec 14      
  • Beef quality assessment with Quality Meat Scotland
  • Partners in ICT-CMAC - Feb 14 to Jan 18

Fundamental research

  • New data processing tools - copulas
  • Band selection/data reduction methods
  • Microdoppler
  • Data folding


The centre offers the following services:

  • Collaborative research
  • Research partnerships
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)
  • Consultancy
  • Industrial placements