Consumption, markets & society: our PhD students

Our PhD students & topics

Sophie Duncan-Shepherd: Exploring Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Consumer Vulnerability – ‘Stigmatised Identities’

Amy Goode: Regenerating the Raploch

Stephanie Anderson: Footsteps into the Forgotten: Consuming Obsolescence

Jane Johnstone: Cultural Heritage & Ancestral Tourism: reclaiming Scottish identity from 'Highlandisation' 

Karen Scott: Experiencing Food Poverty 

Karyna Sorochynska: Exploration of Consumer Identity within the context of counterfeit luxury consumption

Julius Stephan: Poverty Transitions in Consumer Culture

PhD Completions

Leighanne Higgins: Consuming Lourdes: An investigation into the consumption of religious pilgrimage

Ashleigh Logan: Consuming Kate: Unpacking the Feminine Ideologies surrounding the Celebrity Princess Brand

Sudipta Das: Rethinking Brand Management: A Cultural Perspective on Brand Iconicity & Identity Politics

Katherine Duffy: Framing Practices, Spaces & Socialities of Consumption in Vintage