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MarketingConsumption, markets & society

Further understanding of contemporary consumption and its consequences is the ambition of our vibrant group of researchers.

Our team is at the forefront of consumer research and market studies through our focus on a range of research themes which express the contemporary character of global consumption. These include:

  • consumption communities
  • consumer vulnerability
  • food consumption
  • heritage consumption
  • transformative consumption
  • the politics of consumption

In addition, researchers have made significant contributions in the understanding of religion on consumption, emerging markets, celebrity cultures and historical approaches to analysing globalisation. We employ a range of qualitative research methods to include ethnography, interpretive consumer research, poetic inquiry and videography.

Our key themes

  • Consumer Brands Relationships
  • Consumer Vulnerability
  • Consumption Communities
  • Consumption of place/space
  • Emerging Markets
  • Experiential Consumption
  • Food Consumption
  • Heritage Consumption
  • Intersection of markets & religions
  • Politics of Consumption
  • Transformative Consumption

Recent publications

Alexander, M., Bryce, D., & Murdy, S. (2016). 'Delivering the past: providing personalised Ancestral Tourism experiences'. Journal of Travel Research

Anderson, Stephanie, Kathy Hamilton and Andrea Tonner (2016), 'Social labour: exploring work in consumption', Marketing Theory, 16, 3, pp 383 to 400

Jafari Aliakbar, Sandikci Özlem (2016), 'The ontological pitfalls of Islamic exceptionalism: a re-inquiry on El-Bassiouny’s (2014, 2015) conceptualisation of 'Islamic marketing'', Journal of Business Research Vol 69, pp. 1175-1181

Hewer, Paul, Martin Gannon and Renzo Cordina (2016), 'Discordant fandom and global football brands: 'Let the people sing'', Journal of Consumer Culture

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Editorial roles

Members of the group are on the editorial boards and associate editors of the following internationally recognised Marketing journals:

  • Journal of Marketing Management
  • Marketing Theory
  • Consumption, Markets & Culture
  • Journal of Islamic Marketing 
  • International Journal of Islamic Marketing & Branding
  • Iranian Journal of Management Studies
  • Tourism Planning & Development
  • International Journal of Academic Research in Management
  • International Journal of Social Science & Management