Strategic marketing & analytics: PhD students

Our Phd students & topics

Ahmed Almoraish: Developing & validating a measure for B2B Customer Experience Quality

Chia-Hao Chou: Business models as the engagements of innovation performance and the antecedents of business performance

Panagiotis Evangelides: Branding the Commodities. Challenges & Performance Implications

Sebastian Goebel: Analysing Crucial Customer Contact Sequences During the Pre-Purchase Phase in the German Premium Automobile Industry

Temirlan Jailobaev: Destination Branding: the Cases of Scotland & Kyrgyzstan

Nicholas Kaminas: Internal Market Orientation & Family Life Balance. Aligning organisational & the employee’s goals to the mutual benefit

Michael Mavroudis: Employee Work-Life Balance and Company Performance. Irreconcilable or complimentary

Semih Sagmanli: Consumer Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT): How Will the IoT Affect the Future of Retailing

Ghorbani, Mijka: “Investigating brand personality perceptions and implications for customer-brand relationships in omnichannel customer journeys”

Caulfield-Bailey, Lauren: “Deploying blockchain technology in the service of legitimising Scottish creative industries? Pursuit of authenticity and global distinctiveness”

Scally, Thomas: “The road to achieving sustainable (net zero) commercial real-estate buildings by 2050 via the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies: An investigation of drivers and barriers”

Sagmanli, Semih: “An investigation of consumer engagement with Internet-of-Things in the context of smart meter in-home displays” (this exists but with an old PhD thesis title, so best to update)

Arshad, Malik: “Exploring manifestations of symbolic brand hate in the context of brand publics”

Hartman, Kim: “Brand influence on consumers’ decision making across the tourism value-chain: Development of a consumer-based brand hierarchy”.

Panhale, Tanvi: “Authenticity and application of augmented reality in heritage tourism sites.

PhD Completions

Goddard, T. (2019) ‘Antecedents to social media brand engagement behaviours: sharing, learning & endorsing’

Almoraish A. (2019) “Developing & validating a measure for B2B Customer Experience Quality” (mind you this one appears under our present students but Ahmed has now completed)

Temirlan Jailobaev (2018) Destination Branding: the Cases of Scotland & Kyrgyzstan (same like Almoraish)

Pyper K. (2018) ‘The Advancement of understanding into how Branding can increase export performance for UK’ (ESRC funded) (it is in the list of completions but ESRC is not mentioned)

Ziad Abdelmoety: The use of social media by exporting SMEs & implications for performance 

Achilles Boukis: The impact of Internal Market Orientation on New Service Development 

Keith Lawrie Pyper: the Advancement of understanding into how Branding can increase export performance for UK