Strategic marketing & analytics: PhD students

Our Phd students & topics

Almoraish, Ahmed: Developing & validating a measure for B2B Customer Experience Quality

Evangelides, Panagiotis Fanis: Branding the Commodities. Challenges & Performance Implications

Goebel, Sebastian: Analysing Crucial Customer Contact Sequences During the Pre-Purchase Phase in the German Premium Automobile Industry

Jailobaev, Temirlan: Destination Branding: the Cases of Scotland & Kyrgyzstan

Kaminas, Nicholas: Internal Market Orientation & Family Life Balance. Aligning organisational & the employee’s goals to the mutual benefit

Mendes, Anthea: Open innovation models adopted in the product development process

Pyper, Keith Lawrie: the Advancement of understanding into how Branding can increase export performance for UK

Semih Sagmanli: Consumer Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT): How Will the IoT Affect the Future of Retailing

Archareeporn Thanvarachorn: A study of relationship between social media & strategy innovation employed by companies in digital age in Asia

Abdullah Mohammed Salim Al-Amri: Total Quality Management

PhD Completions

Achilles Boukis: The impact of Internal Market Orientation on New Service Development 

Ziad Abdelmoety: The use of social media by exporting SMEs & implications for performance

Giannis Kostopoulos: Service Blueprinting: Managing for efficiency & effectiveness 

George Papadakis: Customer Relationship Management in the B2B Context. What drives success in the long-term 

Christos Koritos: e-Banking adoption by consumers & the impact of innovation attributes 

Nektarios Tzempelikos: Managing Key Account Customers & the implications for structure & strategy alignment

Kostas Lionakis: Bridging the Marketing & the Sales Functions. A structural & relational perspective