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Marketing Strategic marketing & analytics

With increasingly diverse types of marketing activities and audiences, and constantly evolving technological platforms, businesses are faced with overwhelming amounts of information and a range of choices regarding the investment of their resources. Therefore, businesses, now more than ever, need to make better informed decisions about their growth plans.

Our research and efforts to engage with business aim to enhance understanding on the complexities of contemporary strategic decision-making. We do this by challenging existing approaches of measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance, and by identifying novel ways of generating insight from data.

Our focus is to facilitate efficient and effective marketing planning and execution that improves overall marketing performance. At the same time, we seek to be relevant and helpful to the business community through close collaboration in identifying pressing questions and feeding back with insightful answers based on robust scientific methods of analysis and evidence.

Our research thus seeks to help business gain an advantageous position against competition and hence spans over a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to):

  • the management of new product/service development & innovation
  • the management of customer relationships
  • identification of attractive market opportunities at home & abroad
  • use of Web 2.0, social networks & new media
  • branding & pricing across all three main business sections: consumer, B2B & services

Our key themes

These include:

  • marketing management & strategy
  • branding
  • international marketing & entry modes (eg exporting, franchising etc)
  • digital marketing

Recent publications

Butler, C., Doherty, A.M., Finnear, J. and Hill, S. (2015) ‘Alone in the Back-office: The Isolation of those who Care to Support Public Services’, Work, Employment and Society, Vol.29 No.4, pp.624-640

Gounaris S., Chatzipanagiotou, K., Boukis, A. & Perks, H (2016) 'Unfolding the Recipes for Conflict Resolution during the New Service Development Effort'. Journal of Business Research, Vol. 69 No. 10, pp. 4042-4055

Tzempelikos N. and Gounaris S. (2015) 'Linking Key Account Management Practices to Performance Outcomes', Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 45 pp. 22-34

Karampela, M., Tregear, A. & Ansell, J. (2014) 'When opposites attract: incorporating trait complementarity into the measurement of self-brand personality alignment', Advances in Consumer Research, Vol 42, p. 539

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Editorial roles

Members of the group are on the editorial boards and associate editors of the following internationally recognised Marketing journals:

  • Journal of Service Research
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • European Journal of Marketing