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The Aerospace Centre of Excellence (ACE)

Our aerospace research develops frontier research on innovative concepts and solutions for current and future space systems, sustainable aerospace transport, space exploration, satellite applications and the sustainable exploitation and colonisation of space.

Our research has a target horizon of more than 50 years in the future but deploys practical solutions, over a wide range of technology readiness levels to respond to the needs of today.

Key areas of research

Our aerospace research currently encapsulates three application labs:

Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory (ASCL)

The ASCL undertakes frontier research on visionary space systems. Our work is delivering radically new approaches to space systems engineering to underpin new technologies for space exploration, new space services and the sustainability development of space activities. Some examples of research projects we might be involved in include:

  • Cubesat and small satellites services and technologies
  • Swarm engineering and networked systems
  • Space situational awareness and space traffic management
  • Minor bodies exploration, exploitation and manipulation
  • Autonomous systems
  • Advanced space concepts and emerging propulsion technologies
Future Air-Space Transportation Technology Laboratory (FASTTlab)

FASTTlab is a multidisciplinary research unit committed to the advancement and innovation of aerospace engineering science. The vision of the laboratory is to transform and revolutionise the global air-space transportation systems and infrastructure to achieve superior performance, safety and sustainability. Some examples of research projects we might be involved in include:

  • Theoretical and computational aeroscience
  • Trajectory and design optimisation for trans-atmospheric vehicles
  • Multiphysics aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics
  • Environmental impact of aerospace activities
  • Planetary re-entry modelling and analysis
  • Advanced propulsion systems
Intelligent Computational Engineering Laboratory (ICElab)

ICElab develops advanced research on artificial and computational intelligence techniques with particular focus on optimisation, optimal control, uncertainty-based multidisciplinary design optimisation and machine learning applied to the design and control of complex engineering systems. Some examples of research projects we might be involved in include:

  • Continuous and combinatorial optimisation methods
  • Design for robustness, reliability and resilience
  • Approaches for uncertainty treatment
  • Machine learning for data analytics and engineering design
  • Optimal control of complex engineering systems
  • Symbolic computational dynamics  

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