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At Strathclyde, frontier research is conducted on innovative concepts and solutions for current and future space systems, the next-generation of sustainable aerospace transport, space exploration, satellite applications and the sustainable exploitation and colonisation of space.

Our research has a target horizon of more than 50 years in the future but deploys practical solutions, over a wide range of technology readiness levels to respond to the needs of today.

Key research areas are:

  • computational & artificial intelligence
  • computational & theoretical aerodynamics
  • guidance navigation & control & robotics
  • flight & space-flight mechanics
  • space systems & science

These cover a range of applications including space exploration and air-space traffic management, earth observation, aerodynamic analysis and design, multi-disciplinary, multi-objective robust design and optimisation, resilience and sustainable engineering, spaceports, on-orbit servicing, mission analysis and design, advanced propulsion systems.

Aerospace is central to research at Strathclyde and sits in the Ocean, Air and Space University strategic theme.

Find out more about our aerospace research by visiting the Aerospace Centre of Excellence.

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