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Materials for energy conversion applications, renewable and nuclear conversion and bio-mechanics are among the areas explored by the Mechanics and Materials Research Centre.

Research at our centre comprises three distinctive themes:

  • mechanics, including solid mechanics
  • polymers and polymer composites
  • tribology and tribo-corrosion

This work spans fundamental and applied research in new and emerging areas, including:

  • materials for energy conversion applications
  • renewable (marine) and nuclear conversion
  • advanced composites
  • heterogeneous materials
  • tribo-corrosion
  • bio-mechanics
  • friction stir welding
  • high-temperature mechanics

We are recognised internationally in the field of structural integrity and design by analysis and developments of standards in these areas.

Research groups

Research groups at the Mechanics and Materials Research Centre include:

  • Advanced Composites Group
  • Generalised and Non Local Continua Group
  • Structural Integrity and Life Assessment
  • Tribos (Tribology and Tribo-Corrosion Group)
  • Advanced Welding & Surface Engineering
  • Dynamics of Advanced Structures and Machinery
  • Weir Advanced Research Centre

Our department also hosts the Tribo-Corrosion Network and is home to the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory.

Research areas

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