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Our research is done in the Energy Systems Research Unit (ESRU) and looks at options for energy demand and supply to help society achieve significant levels of energy efficiency and use new and renewable energy systems.

Research goals

Our goals include:

  • improving the accuracy of the mathematical models and numerical methods used to represent heat, mass and power flow
  • applying simulation to optimise energy component/system performance and promote energy efficiency measures
  • evolving software engineering techniques that increase researcher efficiency and program robustness
  • improving confidence in predictions through the development of program validation, calibration and accreditation procedures
  • constructing knowledge-based design support environments to enable application interoperability and effective team working

Our work

We offer consultancy services that include the laboratory testing of new products, the performance appraisal of proposed new designs or retrofits, and the field monitoring of energy systems in use.

Our knowledge exchange activities include short courses on energy topics for continuing professional development and training in modelling and simulation for industry.

We also distribute and support open source programs that may be used to examine the performance of traditional or new energy systems at all scales.

Visit the ESRU website for more information.

Research areas

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