Strategy & organisationInternational business

Our research focuses on how businesses of different sizes around the world survive, prosper, and expand internationally.

We have particular geographical expertise in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and multinational firms (MNEs) operating in emerging regions, including Africa, China, and post-Soviet Central Asia.

Our research covers a range of topics concerning international business including the internationalisation of SMEs and multinational enterprises from emerging economies (EMNEs), acquisition and post-acquisition strategies of EMNEs, the influence of institutional contexts on international expansion firms from transition economies, entrepreneurship survival and growth in challenging contexts, entrepreneurial activities at grass-root levels, the dynamics of management across cultures, processes and practices of international collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances, and trust building among collaborating partners.

Key themes

  • emerging & transition economies and their multinationals
  • small & medium enterprises in the global context
  • identity within international partnerships
  • FDI and international business strategy
  • internationalisation of firms via global value chains

Our areas of research  

  • Institutional approach to international business
  • Emerging and transition economies
  • Internationalisation of SMEs
  • Global Value Chains
  • Survival of entrepreneurial firms
  • Identity, leadership and trust in EMNEs 

Our PhD students

  • Etieno Enang 

Recent publications

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