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Strategy & organisation International business

Our research focuses on how businesses around the world survive and prosper.

We look at areas including:

  • foreign direct investment
  • international business strategy
  • emerging & transition economies and their multinationals
  • identity within international partnerships
  • small & medium enterprises in the global context
  • the development of international tourism

Emerging & advanced economies

Our research addresses issues in emerging and advanced economies. Our team is made up of people who, themselves, hold roots in emerging countries, such as Turkey, China, Tajikistan and Mauritius.

This eclectic characteristic is reflected in the regions our research focuses on, including the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and China.

More specifically, we do extensive research on knowledge transfer, and multinational enterprises from emerging economies (EMNEs). We also work with researchers in finance on mergers and acquisitions by emerging market economies and investigate identity and leadership in international partnerships.

Internationalisation of SMEs

We're researching the dynamics around local actors, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

We research the internationalisation of SMEs from emerging and transition economies and the role of national institutional environments in this process.

International tourism

With regards the development of international tourism, we investigate the development and maintenance of the value perception of tourist destinations, as well as contemporary volunteer tourism and the effects this has on communities.

Based on our expertise in international business, we offer the following: