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Strategy & organisation Strategic management

How the environment around an organisation takes shape and how organisations build for recurrent success are among the issues we look at.

Strategic management research focuses on understanding how and why things happen the way they do.

Our research looks at:

  • scenario thinking
  • high value manufacturing
  • project management

Our researchers contribute the following modules to the Strathclyde Masters in Business Administration:

  • exploring the international business environment
  • strategy analysis & evaluation
  • making strategy

We have also established the MSc in Project Management & Innovation.

Scenario thinking

This area of research gives individuals and groups the chance to look at opportunities and threats to business in the future, and to their potential impact. Scenario thinking promotes the exchange of opinions and beliefs within a management team.

Professor George Wright and Dr Ron Bradfield are co-authors of the book “The Sixth Sense: accelerating organisational leaning with scenarios” – which is required reading on the Exploring the International Business Environment core module within the Strathclyde MBA.

We've wide experience of using scenario techniques in government and business sectors across the world, and we are happy to work with people who are interested in utilising scenario thinking or in developing it further.

High value manufacturing

High value manufacturing is an approach taken by many manufacturing firms in advanced economies to outcompete and outperform firms who are only able to compete on price

This requires continuous innovation and careful strategising, combined with an advanced operations strategy that allows the firm to deliver on its promises.

Professor Harry Sminia is the author of 'The Strategic Manager,' which is required reading on the Strategy, Analysis & Evaluation core module on the MBA programme.

We're happy to work with manufacturing firms to further develop their - and our - understanding of high value manufacturing.

Project management

We focus on the management of operational systems and major projects within complex industries.

Currently, our research has two distinct, but linked, themes.

Firstly, we're researching the evolution and professionalisation of the project management role and, specifically, how it informs understanding of new expert occupations and the emergence of new corporate professions.

Secondly, we're interested in developing a more detailed understanding of 'projectification' and, specifically, how companies as part of a wider strategy, incorporate project management into their organisations.

Based on our expertise in this field, we've developed an MSc in Project Management & Innovation.