Enhancing employability

A degree in chemistry opens doors to a wide variety of employment opportunities. The range of available jobs is considerable and covers many different types of chemistry and industries such as nanotechnology, large scale chemical plants, the drinks and pharmaceutical industries or teaching.

Your skills will also be in demand in other areas. That's why, in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy, we've developed a free toolkit of resources to help you better your skills across areas like:

  • baseline Employability Skills
  • CV Writing
  • interview preparation
  • psychometric assessments
  • marketing
  • personal marketing
  • developing a social media plan
  • knowledge and understanding of organisations, business & ethics
  • understanding public relations & the media
  • employment integrity

The benefits

Our chemistry graduates compete for jobs in all branches of the chemical industry, both in the UK and overseas. That's why it's important to put yourself ahead of the game.

Benefits of the toolkit include:

  • more confidence
  • more awareness of business processes
  • better recognition of your personal skills
  • better communication of your personal skills
  • an easier transition to the workplace

Get the toolkit

To order the toolkit, please email Carol Brownlie. In your email, please include all that are appropriate:

  • name
  • job title
  • university
  • university department