International studentsStudent visa - Applying in the UK

Student visa information and eligibility

This page offers information for new and continuing University of Strathclyde students applying for the Student visa in the UK. 

The information and guidance provided on this page is for prospective and current University of Strathclyde international students only. The Home Office and UKVI may also frequently update their visa application processes at short notice. Please visit GOV.UK to ensure you are up to date with the latest information in applying for your Student visa.

The following students are able to apply for a Student visa in the UK.

Current University of Strathclyde students
Applicant Details
Strathclyde undergraduate and postgraduate taught students 
  • UG and PG students who need to extend their visa because:
    • you need to repeat a period of study
    • you need to extend because you previously took resit exams or repeated a period of study
    • you took a work placement or studied abroad and now your visa is not long enough to complete your course
Strathclyde PhD students
  • PhD students who need more time to complete their studies

New students to the University of Strathclyde
Applicant Details
New applicants to the University of Strathclyde coming from another Higher Education Provider 
  • Applicants to the University of Strathclyde who will be studying on a full-time course starting within 28 days of their Student visa or Tier 4 visa expiring 
  • Evidence of your visa application or decision of your visa application will be required before being permitted to register
New applicants to the University of Strathclyde with an eligible and valid UK visa 
  • Certain UK visa categories are permitted to switch to the Student visa route in the UK
  • See the "Switching to the Student visa" tab for further details
28 days rule

In addition, in order for you to be eligible to apply in the UK, there must be less than 28 days between when your Student visa or Tier 4 visa expires and your course start date on your CAS. This is confirmed in Appendix Student paragraph ST 4.3.

More information:

Some applicants can switch to the Student visa in the UK.

If you are in the UK and have a visa in the following categories, you cannot apply to switch to the Student visa in the UK:

  • a visit visa
  • a short-term student visa
  • a Parent of a Child Student visa
  • a seasonal worker visa
  • a domestic worker in a private household visa
  • leave outside the immigration rules

EEA Nationals with Pre-Settled or Settled Status

If you are an EEA National and already have been granted Pre-Settled or Settled Status through the EU Settlement Scheme, you do not need to apply for a Student visa as this status permits you to study in the UK.

If you have a UK visa but are unsure if you can switch to the Student visa in the UK

Please contact our team with a copy of your passport and your current UK visa and/or Biometric Residence Permit (both sides) with your Strathclyde application reference number or Strathclyde student reference number in the email. Advice is provided in line with our Code of Practice and Privacy Notice.

For further details visit the GOV.UK - Student visa - Switch to this visa page

Who can be a Dependant?

Dependants of a Student visa applicant who wish to apply in the UK must meet eligibility and financial requirements in Appendix Student

A Dependant can be one of the following:

  • Your husband, wife or civil partner
  • Your unmarried partner
  • Your child under 18 years old - including if they were born in the UK during your stay

In order to have Dependants on a Student visa:

  • The main Student applicant must be studying a postgraduate level full-time course 9 months or longer at the University of Strathclyde OR
  • The main Student applicant must be in receipt of an award from a Government and the main Student applicant's course is full-time and at least 6 months OR
  • The main Student applicant is applying for the Doctorate Extension Scheme

Additional evidence will have to be provided of your relationship to your dependants when they apply. Please see our Supporting documents guidance for details.

Switching to a Dependant visa in the UK

Applicants who have been granted permission under the following categories and are in the UK cannot switch to a Dependant visa in the UK:

  • a Visit visa
  • a Short-term Student visa
  • a Parent of a Child Student visa
  • a Seasonal Worker visa
  • a Domestic Worker in a Private Household visa
  • outside the Immigration Rules

When can Dependants apply

In most cases, Dependants must make a visa application before their current UK visa expires. In the UK, Dependants can either apply together with the main Student visa applicant or at a different time (separately from the Student visa applicant) as long as the visa application is made before the Dependant visa expires.

Financial requirements for Dependants

For details on the financial requirements for Dependants, please see our Supporting documents guidance.

More information:


Overview of Student visa application process in the UK

Follow the steps below on how to apply for your Student visa. You can read more information on each step from the corresponding links.

StepMore information
1. Understand Student visa requirements and check your eligibility to apply

2. Request your CAS (For continuing students only - see links at right)

Students starting a new course will receive a CAS from Admissions

  • Please ensure that the information in your CAS is correct before continuing

3. Apply for ATAS if required

  • If you have a Student visa, you must apply for ATAS before your visa expires and receive your ATAS certificate before you apply for your Student visa
  • If you do not have your ATAS Certificate by the time of your biometric appointment or when uploading your documents on the IDV app (if requested), there is a high risk your Student visa will be refused
4. Prepare your finances and supporting documents
5. Receive your CAS
  • Your CAS will be emailed to you as an electronic document
6. Start answering questions on the Student visa application
7. Check answers by referring to Student visa application guidance
8. If you have questions about your visa application or supporting documents, please ask ISST before making any payment
  • Before contacting our team for advice on your application, please ensure you have not paid for your application online and you have completed the above steps
8a. If you contact ISST for visa advice, please familiarise yourself with our Code of Practice and Privacy Notice

If you have contacted ISST requesting advice and guidance on your visa application, please wait for a response from an adviser before proceeding with the next steps.

StepMore information
9. Pay for your Immigration Health Surcharge, application fee and biometric enrollment fee

10. You will be contacted by email to book your UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) appointment OR download the Identify Verification (IDV) app to submit your supporting documents

Some students will not be able to book a UKVCAS appointment immediately. If you have applied for a UK visa before, you may be contacted by UKVCAS directly to provide your supporting documents on the IDV app. Please watch your emails for further instructions from UKVCAS. 

  • If asked to make an appointment, you must book your appointment within 45 days of paying for your visa application
  • Proceed to step 11a if you have been invited to book an appointment. Go to step 11b if you have been requested to download the IDV app.
11a. If you are invited to a UKVCAS appointment only
  • Scan and upload your supporting documents before your appointment and bring all of your original required supporting documents for your application and attend your biometric appointment 
11b. If you are asked to download the IDV app only
  • Follow instructions on the IDV app and take photos of and upload your supporting documents through the IDV app
  • Check your Access UK document checklist for what documents you must provide - it is your responsibility to make sure you have uploaded all mandatory and other documents
12. The Home Office will consider and make a decision on your application
  • If you have made an application (paid online) before your visa expiry date, you can remain in the UK until a decision has been made on your application

  • An email will be sent to you by UKVI with a decision on your visa application

  • If your visa application is refused, please contact ISST immediately along with the details of your visa refusal

13. If your visa application is successful you will receive a new Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

EEA nationals please see information at right

  • Check that the details are correct on your BRP and that your visa covers you through to the end of your course

  • Non-EEA nationals: Your BRP will be posted to you at the address you have provided in your application

  • EEA nationals: After you have received a decision, view your status online at 
14. Update your student record with your new BRP or online immigration status with the University of Strathclyde
  • You must send a copy of your new BRP to the University of Strathclyde

  • Non-EEA nationals: Please check for any errors on your BRP - such as your name, visa conditions and you have enough time on your visa to complete your studies

  • EEA nationals: You can obtain a share code from the link above to share to update your student record
  • If you find errors, contact ISST and you will be advised what to do to correct your BRP
14a. Update your Police Registration Certificate with your new BRP (certain nationalities only)

Frequently asked questions

This will depend on the processing service you selected when you made your visa application.

  • Standard processing: A decision will be made normally within 3 weeks of you attending your biometric appointment
  • Priority service: A decision will be made normally within 5 working days of you attending your biometric appointment
  • Super priority service: A decision will be made normally within the end of the next working day after you attend your biometric appointment (this will be within 2 working days if your appointment was during the weekend)

UKVI advise on their Student visa page that it normally takes 3 weeks to receive a decision.

More information:

For each applicant (Student visa and Dependant) you will need to pay:

  • £475 application fee
  • £19.20 for your biometric information (fingerprints and photo) to be taken
  • Immigration Health Surcharge - you can check how much you have to pay here

The above fees are for in-country Student and Dependant visa extension applications in the UK with standard service. 

  • For Priority Service: £994.20 (includes biometric enrollment fee)
  • For Super Priority Service: £1294.20 (incldues biometric enrollment fee)
More information:

While you can keep your passport while your application is being processed, if you leave the UK and travel using the passport you used for your visa application, your visa application will automatically be withdrawn by UKVI.

You will then need to make a new Student visa application from outside the UK.

It is expected that you make plenty of time before your Tier 4 or Student visa expires and if you have to apply to extend your Student visa, you will require ATAS for your new visa extension period. It is your responsibility to make your ATAS application in good time and have it ready and available before applying for your Student visa.

You must have your ATAS available and uploaded and before you attend your biometric appointment with UKVCAS. Please ensure you have received and uploaded your ATAS certificate to the UKVCAS online system before going to your appointment. 

If you are unable to provide your ATAS certificate before your biometric appointment date or when uploading your supporting documents through the IDV app, there is a high risk your Student visa application will be refused.

If you do not have your ATAS certificate by your expected decision date, please contact the International Student Support Team with your ATAS reference number, application date and the expected decision date.


In the Student visa application, you will be asked when your Student visa expires. If the day your Student visa expires and the day you make your application are the same, when you enter the date your Student visa expires the system will incorrectly think you are an overstayer.

We want to assure students in this situation that making an application in the UK on the same day your Student visa expires should not cause problems. 

If you are applying for your Student visa on the same day your Student visa expires, please make sure to do the following. This is a temporary solution until the issue with their system has been resolved.

  1. When asked "Was there a reason beyond your control why you did not apply before your visa or leave to remain expired?" answer "Yes"
  2. A free text box will appear. In the text box please explain that your visa has not expired. You can add that your visa is expiring on the day you are making your Student visa application.
  3. Do not tick the evidence box. If you tick the evidence box, your application will ask you to provide evidence of why you are making a late application (which will not be relevant to you and you will probably not be able to provide for your application).

This issue has been raised with the Home Office who hopes that this problem will be fixed in due course.