University governanceEstates Committee

The Estates Committee is responsible for strategic oversight of the University estates strategy and ensuring that it is consistent with the overall University strategy.


On behalf of Court and reporting to the Executive Team, the remit of the Estates Committee is to:

  • advise the Executive Team on the need for revisions to the Estates Development Framework (EDF) arising from strategic issues generated by Court, Senate, Executive Team, Faculties, Committees and external agencies
  • update the Estates Development Framework (EDF) annually, ensuring the achievement of a fit for purpose sustainable estate
  • bring forward detailed proposals, including a detailed business case, for each major project, acquisition and disposal identified by the Executive Team as a strategic priority
  • make recommendations to the Executive Team on estates policies (including space management, asset management, maintenance and sustainability), the use of Capital Projects funded from Revenue (CPR) budget and any significant changes required for the delivery of previously approved projects
  • provide Estates Services with support and guidance on related issues, taking account of the schedule of delegated authority


  • The Principal ex officio
  • A Senior Officer appointed by the Executive Team (Convener)
  • Deputy Convener of Court (Estates) ex officio
  • The Treasurer ex officio
  • The Chief Financial Officer ex officio
  • The Chief CommercialOfficer ex officio
  • The University Secretary ex officio
  • Two representatives of Senate
  • A student nominated by the Executive of the Students' Association
  • Director of Estates Services ex officio
  • Such other members that the Committee may wish to co-opt because of their expertise.

Staff from Estates Services and Finance will attend as required.