University governanceStaff Committee

The Staff Committee is responsible for the strategic oversight of strategy and policy in relation to staffing matters as well as monitoring compliance with all relevant legislation and providing assurance to Court on such matters.


  • the University staffing strategy and ensuring that it is consistent with the overall University strategy, and for proposing this to the Executive Team to ensure consistency with the wider strategic investment framework
  • the scrutiny of policies and procedures to ensure that the University continues to attract, reward and retain the calibre of staff it requires to achieve its aims as set out in the Strategic Plan
  • taking account of the wider external environment to ensure that the terms and conditions of employment for all staff remain appropriate and sustainable, and for reaching agreement on these following consultation with the campus Unions
  • staff development and performance management systems and monitoring the effectiveness of these
  • ensuring compliance with any relevant legislative or professional requirements relating to the employment of staff
  • ensuring that the staffing profile is such that it will ensure delivery of the University‚Äôs aims as set out in its strategic plan
  • regularly reviewing the staffing strategy to ensure that it remains relevant and sustainable


  • Vice-Principal / Deputy Principal ex officio (Convener)
  • Principal ex officio
  • Deputy Convener of Court (Staff) ex officio
  • One further lay member of Court
  • Two senior members of staff with staff management experience appointed by Senate
  • Chief Financial Officer ex officio
  • Director of Human Resources ex officio
  • Such other members as the Committee may wish to co-opt because of their expertise