University governanceResearch &Knowledge Exchange Committee

Terms of reference

The Research & Knowledge Exchange Committee (RKEC) is responsible for oversight of strategy and policy, and monitoring of their implementation, to ensure efficacy and performance enhancement in research, knowledge exchange, and innovation activity across the University, as aligned with delivery of the University’s Strategic Plan and the targets therein.

RKEC is responsible for:

  • strategy and policy for research, knowledge exchange, and innovation activity, and for proposing this to the Executive Team in alignment with the delivery of the University’s Strategic Plan
  • monitoring the implementation of the University Strategy, tracking key university targets for R&KE, and considering a broader range of indicators of successful R&KE activity, including international activity, development of our research community, our enterprise and innovation activity, and our broader reputation
  • stimulating the creation of strategic relationships for the institution, nationally and internationally, with appropriate academic, policy, and industrial organisations
  • ensuring that guidance and codes of practice for staff and students within the areas of R&KE meet the University’s needs, follow best practice, and are aligned to guidance of government, research councils, and other key stakeholders
  • ensuring the University complies with concordats and agreements entered into with regards to research and knowledge exchange
  • formally overseeing the policy for the formation of a spin-out company, and more broadly the policy for commercialisation of the University’s intellectual property; and
  • developing and implementing strategic projects in support of research and knowledge exchange.

Committee members

  • Associate Principal Research and Knowledge Exchange (Convener)
  • Deputy Associate Principals Research and Knowledge Exchange 
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • The Principal
  • Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES)
  • Assistant Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES)
  • Research Policy Manager, RKES
  • Director of Industry & Innovation Engagement (IIE)
  • Director of Strathclyde Doctoral School (SDS)
  • PhD Student representative
  • Research Staff representative
  • Vice Deans Research and Knowledge Exchange
  • Organisational and Staff Development Unit (OSDU) Manager
  • Such other members as the Committee may wish to co-opt because of their expertise