Optical kinematics analysis for rehabilitation


Kinematics is used to analyse physical motion, by measuring the trajectories of body points and their speed of movement, to help with rehabilitation and coaching.

Stroke is a major health problem in the UK. Each year, approximately 110,000 people in England, 12,500 people in Scotland, 11,000 people in Wales and 4,000 people in Northern Ireland have a first or recurrent stroke.

Rehabilitation for patients suffering from the debilitating effects of a stroke usually involves repetitive task therapies. Kinematics allows rehabilitation practitioners to analyse and measure a patient’s progress. Current kinematic systems are expensive and non-portable, meaning they cannot be taken to patients who are unable to travel. They also require significant operational expertise.


Our motion analysis system helps with assessing upper and lower limb kinematics by using an image sensor and markers attached to body joints. The OpticalKinematics Analysis system (Optika) autonomously tracks the movement of the markers and provides different parameters related to joint movement and velocity. Optika can be used for rehabilitation assessment as well as coaching of sporting and recreational activities.

Our Optika system differs from state-of-the-art optical motion analysis systems in that it is portable, minimally intrusive to patients and requires no operational expertise. This makes it suitable for conducting kinematics analysis at local clinics and homes. The system is robust to various backgrounds and the colours of patients’ clothing. It requires significantly less manual effort than state-of-the-art tools such as Pro-Trainer and Siliconcoach.

Key benefits

  • our Optical Kinematics Analysis technology is a portable, cost-effective system with no bulky hardware which does not require large laboratory space
  • simple to set-up and operate, requiring no operational expertise
  • automatic measurement of a large range of joint angles in both sagittal and frontal planes for clinical assessment
  • user-friendly interface offering many visualisation options and data formats

Markets & applications

  • the main commercial application of our Optical Kinematics Analysis system is to replace existing expensive, non-portable methods for assessment of post-stroke recovery which require substantial operational expertise and are semi-subjective
  • Optika is designed for rehabilitation practitioners in private clinics and public health services
  • the product offers stroke patients a cost-effective and portable full gait screening tool that can be used on the ward or in local community clinics
  • the system can be used for other rehabilitation assessments as well as coaching

Licensing & development

We're seeking commercial partners interested in developing or licensing this technology. In the first instance please email the RKES team.