Images of Research 2023: Hope for humanity

Digital storytelling

Your research is a story so why not learn how to tell it?
With the increasing reliance on social media for news and information, being able to effectively convey the potential impact of your research to a wide audience online is paramount. Research shows that stories engage people more quickly, more powerfully and more memorably than facts alone. By telling your story you will increase the public’s understanding of your research and its benefits to them, and may even inspire them to share the vision that drives you.

In addition to showcasing your research through a compelling image (which we will use to promote your research online and in print), entrants can also create a digital story to provide further insight to their work and/or research journey. Creating a digital story is not a compulsory activity to enter the competition, however, it can be a highly engaging and very effective way to showcase your research to a wide audience.

What is a digital story?
Rather than using live-action video footage, a digital story is compiled using still images with voiceover narration. For those with little or no experience of creating videos, it’s a simple and effective way to engage with a wide public audience.

Visit our YouTube channel to see some great examples of digital stories created by previous competition entrants.

Training opportunities
Previously only available to Images of Research entrants, training has now been opened up so anyone conducting research at the University can benefit. Simply visit the OSDU training page to book your slot on the next available course. Images of Research entrants will be prioritised for the Spring cohort, however, the Autumn course will be open to all.