Strathclyde Chancellor's FellowsDr Xiaolei Zhang

Chancellor's Fellowships, Chemical & Process Engineering

Dr Xiaolei Zhang

I am a Chancellor’s Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Strathclyde. I was awarded my PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden in 2013. After a PDRA position at the University of Alberta in Canada, I joined the Queen’s University Belfast as Lecturer in 2015, before joining the Chancellor’s Fellow Scheme at University of Strathclyde in 2019. The main stream of my work is on waste valorisation to convert waste into green fuels, value-added chemicals and materials, which is playing a significant role to achieve the global net zero targets.

The Chancellor’s Fellow Scheme has provided me with the opportunity to the wealth of research expertise at the University of Strathclyde and to become part of a world-leading research community. I like the sense of community at the university with lots of opportunities for collaborations with academia and industry. As a Chancellor’s Fellow, I have felt supported in my personal development, as well as my career becoming an established academic in my research area. I am benefiting from the scheme of development comprising of personal development planning, applying for external research funding, building partnerships, and developing skills in teaching through the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice. Particularly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, University of Strathclyde has provided the opportunities of phased and flexible to hybrid working which benefit both me and my team.

Over the course of my fellowship, I intend to establish myself as an academic with an excellent research profile to ensure the international recognition of University of Strathclyde. I also hope to contribute to the global community of scholars in the areas of Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials through high-quality publications and by being involved in the knowledge exchange partnerships.