Dr Zahra Rattray

Dr Zahra Rattray

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Having experienced work in a clinical, academic and industry setting I have always wanted to establish my own independent interdisciplinary research group solving grand challenges in drug discovery and development. The Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme has provided me with the opportunity to set out on this journey. As a Chancellor’s Research Fellow I am also involved in teaching future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, while developing my research portfolio. The Chancellor’s Fellowship has also given me the opportunity to obtain a postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice which has led to my fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and equipped me with the solid foundation needed for a successful academic career.

I am a pharmacist by training and my research interests lie in translating novel drug delivery systems of the lab to future therapeutics. My research is focused on understanding how formulation characteristics dictate the biological fate of medicines when administered. My lab designs innovative technologies to better understand how new nanomedicines interact with biological systems. Interdisciplinary research is key to the success in my field, and Strathclyde’s emphasis on working across the interface of disciplines makes it a dynamic and ideal institution for me to set up my research group.

Over the course of my fellowship, I want to establish myself as an academic with a strong external profile and growing research team, with a view to ensuring that my research is recognized as world-leading. My long term research vision is to have a positive impact on society, by enabling the rapid bench to bedside translation of safe and effective new drug treatments.

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